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Device: KeyMander 2

I cannot connect my Keymander to Cronus Zen.

I followed the instructions to connect the Keymander and Zen. I plugged in the Zen first then plugged in the Keymander using the cord that normally goes into console to the Zen controller port. I made sure the cables were sync and charge. I even plugged in a power cable for the Keymander. It works when I plug in my controller to the Keymander. But as soon as I plug in my keyboard or mouse it stops working. My Keymander will just turn off and make a high pitch noise. My Keymander works fine normally but not when I plug it into the Cronus. Controller works but keyboard and mouse makes my Keymander turn off.

07/10/2024 8:52 PM

I was able to get my hands on a Zen to troubleshoot on my end. Initially after upgrading to the latest Zen version v2.2.3 and it also was giving me issues connecting initially.


Luckily, they offer a web upgrade tool which allows you to roll back a few versions.


I was able to successfully get it operational again by downgrading to v2.2.1 or v2.2.2


Cronus Downloads - Cronus Zen Guide

Collective Minds - Web Update Tool v0.9 Beta (modcentral.ca)


Oddly enough, I updated back to the latest at the end and after a few cycles of it going into a reboot cycle, it worked.


The K2 must have the optional power port connected as the console won't be able to power the Zen and K2 by itself.

07/23/2024 2:44 PM

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