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Device: KeyMander 2


Anyone on here tried the new Keymander2 with Overwatch? Thinking about getting this but wanted to know if anyone’s tried it with success here.

03/22/2020 8:54 PM

We have profiles for Overwatch on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, so no matter your console we have you covered!

03/24/2020 9:49 AM

I use the Keymander 2 for Overwatch on PS4. I think it works great. I would suggest going into the training room and playing around with the settings for a while to find what you like. It took me about 2 days of tinkering to find what I liked. One thing that can be difficult to get used to is the turn speed. You can only turn as fast as you could with the analog stick set to 100 sensitivity. So if you need to do a 180 or full 360 you gotta have a large surface area to move the mouse or move it as far as possible, pick it up, put it back and then move it again. To do a full 360 I have to do this about 2 or 3 times. This makes characters like tracer & doomfist a bit harder. And fighting against those characters or anybody close range. Besides that, aiming is really good. You may have to adjust your play style until you get used to using the Keymander. If you are aggressive and up in the enemies face, you may need to play a little back and more defensively at first. Despite this turning problem, I would still say it is worth it. Don't expect to jump to Top 500 just because you are using a keyboard & mouse. I am using the Red Dragon K585 & Red Dragon M720 from Amazon.

03/24/2020 1:11 PM

Yeah the turn speed is definitely iffy. But it feels like I’m turning slower than the in-game actual sensitivity—I can rotate faster with a controller than I can with a mouse, and that’s with the “turn speed” set to 50, which would help with acceleration. What are your current in-game settings? Did you change the aim curves? I also set the deadzone to zero for X, Y, and XY values.

03/26/2020 4:46 PM

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