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KeyMander 2 firmware will not update from my phone

If for some reason your mobile device fails to update the KeyMander 2 using the OTA (over-the-air) update from our server, you can update it manually using a PC and the firmware upgrade utility found here. Once you have downloaded the update utility to your PC, unzip the file using WinZip, 7zip or other utility and follow the steps below:

Starting the Upgrade

1. Press and hold the Bluetooth Pairing Button and the Mode Button.

2. Plug the Game Console USB Connector to the computer which you have downloaded the firmware from.

3. Wait for the LED Indicator to start flashing in white. The GE1337P2 KeyMander 2 is now in the Firmware Upgrade Mode.

4. Double click the firmware upgrade (*.exe) file, or right click and select Open. This will start the Firmware Upgrade Utility, and a window appears.

Read the License Agreement, select I Agree, and then click Next.


5. The Firmware Utility main screen appears and lists the device that can be upgraded in the Device List panel.


6. Click Next to perform the upgrade.


 If you enabled Check Firmware Version, the Utility compares the device's firmware level with that of the upgrade files. If it finds that the device's version is higher than the upgrade version, it brings up a dialog box informing you of the situation and gives you the option to continue the upgrade:


If you didn't enable Check Firmware Version, the Utility installs the upgrade files without checking whether they are a higher level, or not.  As the Upgrade proceeds status messages appear in the Status

Messages panel, and the progress toward completion is shown on the Progress bar.

Upgrade Succeeded

After the upgrade has completed, a screen appears to inform you that the procedure was successful:


Click Finish to close the Firmware Upgrade Utility.

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