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Device: KeyMander 2

Apex Legends - Xbox One X (trouble with lobby, death boxes, etc.)

I need some help with the basics. I'm playing Apex Legends the past few days.

I'm using iPhone App (it's good) and I've setup mapping etc. In game, I've set the controller settings as recommended. What I'm having issue with is being stuck in the lobby, in the death boxes, and choosing my healing accessories--syringe, full med, full cell, small cell, etc.


I use mapped LB or RB to select Play, Legends, Store. Then, I use the mouse, but it will not move the circle over my choice. I have to WASD but it's a maze of movements and slower than the controller. I can use the CTRL key, then suddenly the circle now moves with mouse, and I can use spacebar to select. But, if I start the game and I'm the jump leader, I cannot see on the map where to go. I have to use CTRL again, if I forget. I found CTRL is good for shooting on target.


When I find a death box, I enter to see their items. It is a up and down list and can be several pages up/down. I move my mouse around but it only scrolls the items. I cannot seem to land of the item to make a selection. If I use CTRL key, then the circle will now move over an item, but I cannot move down the page of items, only that part of the limited list. So, I have to use a combo of CTRL to select item, CTRL to exit for a moment to allow the mouse to go down the page, then CTRL again to enter to select with circle. Suddenly, if I'm shot or the ring is coming, I begin to panic. I cannot seem to get the items that I need. Nor really exit correctly. I'm mostly exiting trapped under the influence of the CTRL key, which does not allow me to look, but only slowly go forward, back, left and right. I'm easily downed by enemy or burn to a crisp. Worst case, I just pickup the Xbox controller to make my choices. That's really bad, as it's so easy.

Meds and other choices

Similar to death boxes, but when I enter to make my choices, it is not up and down selections. They are in a circle or you can call it a wheel of options. I move the mouse to an item, but it will not lock in. It moves between two item selections and will not stop flickering. I have even tried to keep my selection on the item by moving my mouse outward on the wheel, but soon my mouse is off the pad.

Do you have any suggestions on how you are playing this game?

05/04/2020 11:39 AM

I heard the next update will have scroll wheel as a feature which could probably be used for the menus that you mentioned.

05/04/2020 2:03 PM

Clyde do you still need help setting your profile up? I have come up with something that works flawless set up with binds .

05/04/2020 11:52 PM

I find the same issues haven't figured out how to make it smoother

05/05/2020 9:25 AM

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Clyde do you still need help setting your profile up? I have come up with something that works flawless set up with binds .


05/05/2020 11:47 AM

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Ok this is a little guide on how to make Apex Legends easy using the keymander2 . Keep in mind explaining this over text is a little bit difficult so try to understand that :) if you need help with anything just reply and I can help figure stuff out after this

Step 1: First thing I did was change up some button binds .

I changed the RT/R2 aka the shooting button to A or X in the custom button layout menu . And you change the A or X button to R2/RT button on it . What this will do is, in menu or loot box . It will mean you can select or loot anything with your click button . Make sure you adjust the bind on the keymander2 accordingly too . This also makes you drop a stack of ammo and switch attachments(Depends on the game part sometimes it transfers attachments sometimes it drops it)

Step 2: I changed the LT/L2 button which aims down sight to the button X/Square on PS4 . What this will do is you will be able to select skins/anything on the menu that you had to press Square or X in . Also it makes it so when you scroll over things your inventory you drop a full stack or ammo or if you slide over a gun you can drop it. Don’t forget to swap the binds on the keymander app.

Step:3 if you are using the recommended settings for aiming and you feel comfortable skip this step .

if not make sure you use ALC settings which will make your aim better and more precise .

1 Deadzone (You can keep this default or play with it until you find something comfy .

2: OuterZone setting (Keep that on what it is )

Response Curve: I like my stuff delayed a little bit so I have it at 75% but you can play with it until you see something you like and feels smooth to you .

3: So from here you have the Yaw Speed and Pitch Speed . Which are X and Y speeds . I have both at max you should too . And turn off (Turning Extra Yaw, Turning Extra Pitch , Ramp time and ramp up delay off) so its a smooth to you. Because we changed the binds for R2 that means so you can’t have an independent sens for ads on the keymander app so you should set it on the app to be the same as general aiming .

4: Now is the Yaw and Pitch for ads (we have the same sens for it on the app . So you have to adjust both to your liking . I have mine Ads Yaw at 75% and Ads Pitch at 70% . Then all the turning boosts off like we did for the other settings .

5: We have aim assists , I have them turned off because I don’t need them . Up to you if you want to use .

Step 3: Looting efficiently . When people try to loot on Apex legends the Mouse slides the looting menus up and down and the WASD keys control the circle on the screen that moves around . In theory we all want the mouse to control the circle that moves on the screen to select stuff .

So we have to use the “Active Swap Feature” under the mapping tab on the keymander2 all the way at the bottom . Make sure you select a key on your keyboard to activate said feature and make sure its on hold . I have it on hold but you can have it on toggle depends on what you feel comfortable with .

I have it set as control , so when I am looting in a loot box , I hold control to move around the mouse and let it go and use the mouse to go up and down in the loot box . If I need to loot I press and hold control and click on whatever(We switched binds so clicking acts as A or X) and we can loot with it . (Keep in mind if you choose toggle for it to use that feature you have to constantly press the button to switch from one to the other . I find hold to be easier. Practice using the active swap feature on the training mode and dropping ammo so you have an idea of your key binds and get comfortable with it .

If the circle in your screen moves slow or too fast you can change that in the controller settings tab . And put it where it feels smooth or better for you

5: the meds situation . When holding meds and trying to swap feels weird and you just have to swing your mouse and try to get the right thing . I haven’t found a way for this to be smooth . Just try to aim your mouse in the right way and hope you get it right. You can practice that in the training range and try it with pinging (hold the ping button and swing your mouse) I can get the right meds 4/5 times now .

if anybody needs help making macros let me know I made one for the ultimate move and I only press one key and it activates it .

05/07/2020 6:22 PM

Thanks for the explanation I'll try some settings you mentioned for sure!

05/08/2020 4:51 PM

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Thanks for the explanation I'll try some settings you mentioned for sure!

Also don’t forget to double bind some buttons , I made A or X is PS4 . The left click on the mouse , but you can also have a secondary button for it . Which is the enter key . Just play around with your settings and find the best for you . Cheers

05/08/2020 8:55 PM

Can someone please help me how to use the while looting?

05/19/2020 5:20 AM

I meant, Can someone please help me on how to use mouse while looting?

05/19/2020 5:21 AM


So if you swapped mouse buttons for a/x, how do you shoot? From your keyboard?

10/03/2020 7:05 PM

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