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Device: KeyMander 2

Overwatch Bug or something else?

When I use abilities in Overwatch that rely on my right click, my horizontal and vertical sensitivity slow down tremendously and in varying cases, can be good or bad. Usually for people like Doomfist, it’s not good as my punch can really only go one direction.

05/09/2020 6:48 AM

Same in black ops4 when using gunship with km2 & xim apex

if ur mouse had a DPI Shifter speed ur mouse when using ability

05/09/2020 8:24 AM

You might have ADS turned on for Overwatch inside the KM2 app. In the app, go to the Ow profile you use and enable the option to make the ADS settings the same for regular settings.

05/09/2020 7:51 PM

The X&Y direction could improve by mouse traction level

if you want more flexible on Y axis movement ,

Try to adjust to " Level 1 "

if you want more stable on shooting on X axis you could adjust to "Level 7"

05/11/2020 6:17 PM

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