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Device: KeyMander 2

Game profiles

Finally got the keymander working, ordered a kaliber gaming keyboard and mouse. So working well, needs a lot of time tuning. Which brings me to my reason for making post.

Upon searching through the game profiles I saw many for games that are dead or for only ps4, etc. Anthem is one of the former, RDR2 of the latter.

Just hoping that this library will expand a bit, #1 I would love to get a CROSSOUT profile. Since it started as a PC only game, it needs this for console players.

Ps. Seriously guys a profile for ANTHEM but nothing for SKYRIM? The most successful game in the last decade.

05/20/2020 10:23 PM

I believe you can use profiles intended for other games on the games you wish to play that do not have a profile.

For example, for most FPS games I would suggest to use a profile from another FPS game (such as COD) and customize it from there. If you are already using a profile from that game you are using (aka using a COD profile for another FPS game) then there is a dropdown in the profile settings in which you can create another profile for the same game, with a limit of 4.

Just be sure to change the ingame settings to max X/Y turn speed and make sensitivity adjustments in the app.

05/21/2020 2:38 PM

We are working to convert our library from KeyMander 1 to KeyMander 2 while also adding games. It takes time as we also have to update them as the aim/look mechanics change, plus when games like R6S, Fortnite and Apex Legends update their mechanics (all have recently), we shift back to them first due to their popularity. RDR2 is an existing profile on K1, so we will work to get that one converted for you next week. Skyrim wasn't a popular title for K/M use and as such we received almost no requests for it, but we will add it to our priority list.

05/21/2020 6:15 PM

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