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Device: KeyMander 2

help with overwatch

i dont know what happens but i just cant find my sens, i have tried a million but still dont get the headshots i want, im even better with controller so i just want to know what sens to use

06/05/2020 7:40 AM

A lot of people seem to like member xsrsly's settings here. I found this video and it is actually much better than what I used to do.

06/05/2020 10:16 AM

To further that, it also depends on your mouse aim style too. If you play more with your wrist, then linear ramp may work best for you. For me, I have been using exponential across all heroes since my aim is better with full arm motions than wrist.

If you feel like you constantly over-aim (which is when you consistently move the crosshairs past the character you want to aim towards) then you should decrease the aim sensitivity. If you don’t aim far enough then increase the sensitivity. Everyone’s aim will be different because of: physical aiming abilities (do you aim with a lot of wrist or a lot of arm); type and size of a mouse pad; the mouse itself (some may have weights, or the bottom part may have a slightly different texture or feel to it), or; because of how much experience you have.

Also, since the release of workshop, there have been numerous workshop codes that are exceptional at training your aim. Checkout https://workshop.codes/ or do a google search for “Overwatch aim workshop”

06/05/2020 1:07 PM

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