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Resetting your KeyMander 2

If your KeyMander 2 fails an update, has connection problems with your mobile device, or exhibits any other type of non-standard operation you can perform a system reset which may resolve the issue. There are three ways to reset the KeyMander 2:

  1. To reset the KeyMander 2 using the K2 app, go to the Device tab and tap the settings icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. On the Device Settings screen tap Reset Device and a warning message appears. Tap Reset Now to perform the factory reset. 
  2. For KeyMander 2 units running firmware version or higher you can press the Number 2 button on the top panel quickly 3 times to perform a reset.
  3. For all KeyMander 2 units regardless of firmware version, you can also perform a reset by pressing and holding Button 1 and Button 2 together for approximately 8 seconds.
  • The LED bar will turn white and cycle from left to right to for approximately 3 seconds indicating unit has been reset to factory settings.

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