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Device: KeyMander 2

Mouse stutter

When im playing a fps like call of duty or r6 i can feel a stutter. It feels choppy as i move the mouse. Especially when i ads. It doesn’t feel smooth like i see other people have. Does anyone know how to fix it?

09/03/2020 5:25 AM

What is your fw version? The latest FW is V1.2.112

Normally when you feel mouse stutter is caused by your in-game deadzone is incorrect

For example the R6s right and left stick deadzone setting have to change to 5% .

This is not the setting on K2 is on your each game ,

the game in-game setting reference value is show on the game center in app when you press the photo

09/03/2020 6:38 PM

09/03/2020 7:01 PM

ArkhamRitter, which game are you playing and are you using the Game Center profile for it (with required settings) or are you using your own profile?

09/04/2020 11:44 AM

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