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Device: KeyMander 2

Post Your Keymander Setups

Hey everyone, I figured I would post my setup that I use for gaming with the Keymander.

If you are in the market for any accessories I cannot recommend Kaliber Gaming supplies enough. I use their mouse mat which is over a year old used daily and has no rips tears or much wear outside of one thread that I have not cut. I also use the Elevator for mouse cable management which keeps me from having any issues of wrapping the cord up during gameplay. The HVER PRO has not let me down yet and is a great feeling and looking keyboard. The FOKUS II mouse is smooth and reliable and is my go to mouse at the moment. I know my setup isn't perfect but I figured why not get a fun thread going. **BTW** I know my Keymander isn't hooked up in the photo due to me using the mouse and keyboard to make this post on the computer. I have my Xbox sitting beside my computer so I can swap to and from the Keymander at will.