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Device: KeyMander 2

Rogue Company

if Anyone have a good profile for this

it’s really slow and not accurate

10/13/2020 7:00 PM

One of our users sent me a profile to test. I will post it today.

10/15/2020 12:10 PM

I made one based on my Overwatch settings that I posted here before (which I may have changed a few things here and there since then), but to summarize...

in the app: I use 120/120 with turn speed set to 50 and traction control on 2 and 0,0,0 deadzone and default curve. General same as ADS

In RoCo, I use 10/10 sens 95/100 ADS (this is to help promote pulling down with your mouse while shooting, as there can be quite a bit of recoil on some weapons and having the higher vert sens makes it feel like you have good side-to-side aiming control with the ability to also control recoil with the higher verticals sens) and 73/73 scope with everything else on default.

Keep in mind that the aim assist is STRONG in this game. Like really strong. They reduced the aim assist zone during the closed beta which helped but do expect to use a lot of real estate on your mousepad while controlling recoil.

I have everything bound how I feel works best for me and is also based on my bindings in the app too. It’s personal preference. I do suggest to use turbo mode when using semi-autos, and for this I edit the RT keybinding in the app to have turbo mode on with 0.1sec speed, and then activate with F10 when needed.

I’ve been playing since late July and I’ve been fairly successful.

10/15/2020 3:36 PM

Xbox One profile posted to Game Center!

10/15/2020 4:14 PM

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