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Device: KeyMander 2

my keymander 2 does not work properly

My keymander 2 is not working properly.

1. I noticed that when it is in ps4 default mode (I use xbox one s) it does not light up in blue, it is in green.

2. It constantly crashes when I am playing games, so I have to factory reset it.

3. When I am playing, there are keys that do not respond immediately, I must press it more than once.

4. There are artifacts and functions that are activated in the game without me pressing the keys assigned for that.

5. I am trying to do a firmware update recovery, but I get stuck at that step, I cannot put my device into recovery mode.

6. I really need help here. it is abhorrent to have to be fighting with a hundred dollar device.

Would it be possible to step by step of what I should do? or if I definitely have to request a refund or exchange of the device?

03/13/2021 2:11 PM

  1. It lights up the color of the profile you have loaded and the controller you have connected to the controller port. If you have an Xbox One with Xbox One controller connected and XB1 profile loaded and it is green, it is correct.
  2. What is the K2 doing when it "crashes?" Does the LED go out? Does the console say controller disconnected? What exactly are you experiencing?
  3. The responsiveness of keys is controlled by your keyboard, so please try another keyboard, preferably a mechanical keyboard, and see if it is more responsive.
  4. What game are you playing and what profile did you download from Game Center? Did you make any changes? Is so, please post your profile sharing number for it here.
  5. As shown in the User Manual, which step number are you getting stuck on?

03/15/2021 12:56 PM

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