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Device: KeyMander 2

Ps4 controller disconnecting

So i’de like to start with that i brought the keymander 2 today and to keep things polite I’ve had nothing but issues I’ve followed the guide for ps4 step by step with no luck, the keymander disconnects my controller every 5 seconds it doesn’t even leave me long enough to click a button in the menu, i’m using the micro usb cable provided, i have the power cable plugged into a phone charger plug, i’ve also tried plugging it into my pc both didn’t work I’ve tried plugging the cable pre attached into both usb port on the front of the standard ps4, I’ve updated the software on the app, ive tried multiple cable for power still no luck I’ve searched everywhere online and found no solution but seen multiple users with the issue, the only other problem i could imagine is im using a v2 controller with an old ps4 other then that ive followed all steps and tried multiple resolutions no luck if someone could guide me to a fix would be much appreciated as i havent had the chance to use it yey

06/13/2021 11:42 AM

Hi Kurttsnm,

  1. What is the version of your K2 firmware and yoru K2 App? Did you update the firmware after you connected your K2?
  2. What keyboard and mouse are you using? If your keyboard has a built-in USB hub, headset port or has two cables (one for power and one for USB data) there will be some work-around required.
  3. What is the power rating of your phone charger? If it is not at least 2A rated it will not be enough.
  4. How old is your PS4 controller, meaning how long have you owned it?
  5. Have you seen your K2 LED turn orange and blink with LED only on one side? That is a low power warning but it doesn't always display even though you may have a low power situation.

06/18/2021 11:40 AM

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