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Device: KeyMander 2

KEYMANDER 2 Not working

Hey guys,

I have reset the device multiple times, followed the YouTube tutorial and nothing seems to be helping.

I have the KEYMANDER 2 for my PS5. I went and purchased all items that are able to work on this device as well.

keyboard is Corsair K95

mouse is Logitech G502

as well as a Hori Controller and my regular PS5 controller.

It keeps disconnecting my keyboard and mouse every few seconds and isn’t registering.

06/23/2021 3:31 PM

Hi awilson91,

The first problem is that your K95 keyboard draws too much current for the K2 which will cause it to shut down. You will first need to connect the K95 power USB connector to a USB power supply, then connect the K95 keyboard USB (has a keyboard icon molded into the connector) into the K2 keyboard port. Once that is done the handshaking process will complete and the K2 will stay on instead of constant resetting.

06/24/2021 1:45 PM

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