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Device: KeyMander 2

Series X Elder Scrolls Online Profile?


I grabbed this to play ESO with my bf and his dad (I'm terrible with controllers). It took a while to get through the setup but I have something I guess you could call vaguely workable aside from the mouse movement (working off the Doom profile). DPI of mouse set to 1600 and also in app but the range of camera movement is still pretty terrible. Turned up sensitivities in game and app. Minute improvement. Turning on turn assist can be helpful but then it is WILDLY uncontrollable and drifts. I'd rather not have to remember to click a button every time I move the camera (if I put assist on), and it seems like others in other games don't have this issue. Can I get some help fixing this? OR, there was a post in April saying you had the ESO profile from the original keymander and you just had to update it and it would be out "next week"...but that was April. Do you have the profile for this? I downloaded the old one but I have no idea how to get it on the phone app to then send it to the device (if that would even work). Appreciate any help on getting this working properly, as I really want to use this on my PS5 and Switch as well.


09/26/2021 1:32 AM

Turn assist is definitely not going to be of help with ESO, so you're going to need to disable it to avoid problems. Next, 1600 is usually too low a resolution setting for accuracy in most games and we normally recommend 3500+ for the mouse and the profile setting.

I updated the ESO profile for XB1, but it still needs some fine turning so it has not been ported to PS4 yet. I made a quick port for you to test using the sharing code 544171. You will need to adjust the deadzone settings before you start playing so the mouse has proper response, and then adjust sensitivity for your style of play. You can also create a copy of this profile and change the copy to Nintendo Switch, but we don't have the NS version of this title so I'm not sure if there will be any weird artifacts from profile conversion. It is worth a try and see how it feels.

10/01/2021 11:56 AM

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