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Device: KeyMander 2

My KEYMANDER doesn’t work

My KEYMANDER doesn’t wanna work anymore I’ve had it since like august 27th and now it won’t connect to either of my controllers perfectly good plug good console idk what to do at this point is it possible to return it for a different one or get a refund because I’ve done every step and it won’t work

10/25/2021 8:25 PM

We have a 3-year warranty, so of course we will take care of it if it is not working. However, I have yet to see a K2 just stop working in all the ones we've sold (not including water-damaged or physically damaged units), so I'm guessing there's something we are missing. Let's get some info first:

What console?

What model controller?

What keyboard?

What mouse?

External power connected?

When you plug the K2 unit into your console with nothing connected, does the LED bar on top light up?

10/26/2021 3:33 PM

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