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Help with macro

Are you able to set up a macro with a Xbox one controller?

dhamilton updated on 05/04/2020 9:48 AM

dhamilton on 05/04/2020

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Device: KeyMander 2


heyy guys at iogear i have this super affordable keyboard called the geek gk61 keyboard from BangGood.com its a hotswappable keyboard for $50 and it doesn’t work with the keymander 2 also i later tested that my ducky tkl or (...)

dhamilton updated on 04/30/2020 1:56 PM

dhamilton on 04/30/2020

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Device: KeyMander 2

Help with turn speed.

Is turn speed something you can bypass with the settings or is it a limitation to the device. I tried playing rainbow six siege and it feels really bad compared to PC. I used the default profiles and changed the (...)

dhamilton updated on 04/13/2020 1:21 PM

dhamilton on 04/13/2020

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Device: KeyMander 2

GTA V Weapon Wheel PS4

any one figure out how to get the mouse to work in the weapon wheel? or any way to select weapons. I can get it open and scroll through melee but can not select anything else.

xSrsly updated on 04/01/2020 9:05 PM

xSrsly on 04/01/2020

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Device: KeyMander 2

How can I eliminate mouse stutter?

I’m trying to play Rainbow 6 Siege and it is stuttering a lot when I’m playing, Any help would he appreciated

Danny66884 updated on 03/30/2020 12:26 AM

Danny66884 on 03/30/2020

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Device: KeyMander 2

How can i make it So Q & E is to lean on Rainbow 6 Siege Keymander 2?

As the title says, by default with the siege profile its set to Shift left stick click so i lean with shift in siege. I want to lean with Q&E, If i rebind left stick click to Q I cant (...)

dhamilton updated on 03/27/2020 10:04 AM

dhamilton on 03/27/2020

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Device: KeyMander 2


Anyone on here tried the new Keymander2 with Overwatch? Thinking about getting this but wanted to know if anyone’s tried it with success here.

xSrsly updated on 03/26/2020 4:46 PM

xSrsly on 03/26/2020

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Device: KeyMander 2

No onboard memory

My mouse and keyboard do not have onboard memory. Can I run my keyboard and mouse through my computer.

dhamilton updated on 03/23/2020 12:08 PM

dhamilton on 03/23/2020

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Device: KeyMander 2


PS4 the last of us remastered and last of us 2 coming soon is not listed on site will it work?

dhamilton updated on 03/16/2020 9:39 AM

dhamilton on 03/16/2020

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Device: KeyMander 2