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Device: KeyMander 2

What controllers are required?

Hello, What controller do I need in order to play ps4 and ps5 games?

01/24/2024 7:19 PM

For PS4 games, you need a standard DualShock.

For PS5 games, this can't be done with the Keymander 2 standalone anymore since Sony started requiring DualSense controllers for PS5 games along with a periodic authentication check.

To play any PS5 game on a PS5 console, you will require a method of getting around the consoles DualSense authentication check.

There are a few different ways of doing this such as:


Remote Play via an adapters such as the Beloader series:




Remote Play via a PC:



Besavior Series:

Besavior U5 (beloader.com)


Please note that these methods are all subjected to some latency which can vary in setups. In my opinion (along with a few others), believe that the Besavior U5 seems to be the best as for latency.

User experience: Thread (keymander2.com)

01/25/2024 8:27 AM

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